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Service of setting up 100% foreign owned capital Enterprise

Service of setting up 100% foreign owned capital Enterprise

Necessary documents are supplied to grant investment certificate for setting up foreign investment Enterprise pertained to project.

1. Application form of granting investment certificate;

2. Joint- venture Contract or Business Co- operation contract;

3. The charter of joint- venture enterprise or the charter of 100% foreign owned capital enterprise

4.Financial and technique report;

5. Document of technology transfer and technology contribution( if any)

6. All documents are related to assess environmental effect of project

7. Land renting procedure or contract on renting workshop and land

Necessary law principle documents to set up 100% foreign owned capital Enterprise in Vietnam:

Law principle documents of Foreign enterprise( if being enterprise- and being confirmed by Vietnamese administration)

Law principle documents of foreign individuals( if being enterprise- and being confirmed by Vietnamese administration)

If the leader of enterprise is an Vietnamese, He/ she should supply his/ her identity card and number of inhabitants( confirmed by local administration)

If Enterprise runs business, they should supply certificate of carrying out business. Any enterprises runs business.........

Financial report in recent 2 years( if being enterprise)

Decision to appoint the leader in Vietnam( if being 100% foreign capital enterprise in Vietnam)

Contract on renting business place in Vietnam

Supplying investment project( if setting up Enterprise pertained to investment project in Vietnam) or: fund of making investment project by Bac Viet Luat will not be in article that we mentioned in this document

Works and services carried out

Application for registration investment certificate

The documents of the 100% foreign capital enterprise

The charter of the enterprise

The report on pre- feasibility and feasibility ( if the establishment pertains to the project)

Economic and technique report( if the establishment pertains to the project)

Analyze the effectiveness of the project in Vietnam (if the establishment pertains to the project)

Introduce and present about the investors ( if the establishment pertains to the project)

Present the feasible project before the state’s authorized offices ( if the establishment pertains to the project)

Translate all legal documents into English ( according to the request of customers and there will have extra cost for translation)

Model of house rent contract for the office

Analyze the fields in best ways so that the application can be registered most and suitable with Vietnamese law.

Provide services for foreigners living in Vietnam ( if there are demands)

Related documents about legal labor in Vietnam

Complete the registration of investment certificate

Complete the registration for using company’s seal in Vietnam

Represent to make taxation code, customs code for the enterprise

Complete all legal documents for the best operation of the enterprise

Provide regular consultancy services for company after the signing this establishment contract.

We are looking forward to your cooperation. If you have any related questions, please feel free to contact us.

Your faithfully.

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