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Consulting in changing business registration

Consulting in changing business registration
Change business registrationBVL Law firm (bacvietluat.vn) advices conditions and supports you to make the change of business registration in accordance with the specific requirements of customers and the regulations of Vietnam Law.Changing the ...
BVL Law firm (bacvietluat.vn) advices conditions and supports you to make the change of business registration in accordance with the specific requirements of customers and the regulations of Vietnam Law.
Changing the contents of business registration services:
Counselling content change of business registration under the specific requirements of the business:
- Changing the name of enterprise;
- Consulting changed its head office address;
- Consulting to change registered phone number, Fax, Email, Website;
- Consulting business changes, including supplement, withdraw, modify lines;
- Advice to change the legal representative of the enterprise and title of legal representative;
- Consultation increase or decrease the charter capital of the Company;
- Advisory to change members, the company's shareholders, the personal information of members and shareholders of the company;
2. Files, documents should provide:
- List the contents to be changed, amended;
- The original business registration;
- A certified photocopy of ID card (if additional member or members to change information)
- Practicing certificate, notarized photocopy (if additional lines are required certificates, for example, pharmaceutical business, designing buildings ...)
- Document certifying legal capital (if additional lines requires legal capital)
3. The tasks of the BVL Law firm (bacvietluat.vn)
a. Complete profile change of business registration as required by the Company and in accordance with law, guidance counseling conditions, procedures, guidelines and completing business registration dossiers prior to submission to the authorities.
b. Perform authorized work:
- To submit, withdraw, complaints, records of the results to change the business registration office at the business registration;
- Watch the notification process and processing of submitted documents;
- Receive a certificate of business registration business registration office at (representative of present enterprises with staff of BVL (Bac Viet Luat ) City Attorney's Office to sign up and receive the certificate of business registration);
- To apply for permits to use the seal and seal carving to contact the Company at the police agency has jurisdiction (if any);
- Receive a certificate of registration seal and sign the Company (the representatives of the business and professional presence of Tri Minh City Attorney's Office to sign up and receive legal entity);
- Carry out registration procedures for adjusting the Business Tax Code (if any); Above are the contents of the preliminary exchange of our consultants if required change of business registration or any other legal requirements, you do not hesitate to contact us. Sincerely BVL LAWFIRM (Bac Viet Luat )

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