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Logo of Bac Viet Luat Lawfirm

Logo of Bac Viet Luat Lawfirm

Brand name of Bac Viet Luat and the meaning of Logo.Logo of company is one of career thinking, thinking of natural rules, general- individual characteristic- "I" and "We".


" BVL and our country will be far reaching together"

The meaning of trademark"BVL"- Bac Viet Luat and Logo;

Logo includes two parts: part of illustration and part of text;

The text is "Bac Viet Luat". This is part of trade name of company and readable and impressive phrase. Bac Viet Luat is the most meaningful logo of Geography- Nation- Career ( Bac- Viet- Luat)


Illustration part: Inside of logo is Yin and Yang circle that is a symbol of natural rules, respect and reminder of the position of human life in the universe. Yin and Yang circle also is a symbol of outlook on life of the manager of BVL, we always repect the existence of the rules of works and social relatioships.


Co- centre factor: being a wheel's justice, together with symbol of Yin and Yang, which shows suitability of Law and Nature. Since then, reader can see that Law is also a rule- rule of regulations of behavior.


Centre factor: being a scale. Scale maintains basic position- position of symbol of measure. Yin and Yang circle and shape of wheel's justice is on the table to show "the truth" and"justice" and nature rule is always under consideration as pursuing a Law career, especially lawyers. The bottom of scale is 3 words "Bac Viet Luat" that is short name of company's trade name, simultaneously the root of our company. The wish is to reach "Bac Viet Luat Group"


Decisive color of Logo: decisive color of logo is "red brown" and "dark green" that bring harmonious and friendly combination for viewers.

Logo of Bac Viet Luat also brings you the feeling of mystery of spirit and profundity of lawyers when you have sense and detail observation of logo


Sensation: Logo of Bac Viet Luat makes viewers feel its lay- out solid and durable, which shows close combination that lawyers of Bac Viet Luat have chosen and have been on the way to conquer the top point of career.


Synchronization of trade name is penetrated by idea of Yin and Yang, I Ching, natural rules of all existence in the world. Harmonious Yin and Yang, nature and rule. The flexibility of Yin and Yang and the solidity of wheel's justice, the burning of red color and the softness of dark green combine together in the view on human life and predestination. The combination of close lay-out is also one of views and business philosophy of BVL group.


The brand name of Bac Viet Luat is always proud of being an Effective and prestigious law firm of customers. " BVL and our country will be far reaching together"


(Bac Viet Luat LawFirm)

Ad: G3, Vinhomes Greenbay, Me Tri, Cau Giay  District, Ha Noi City
Tel: (+ 84) 938188889 – (+ 84) 1686319999)
Email: dichvu@bacvietluat.vn – lawyer.vu@bacvietluat.vn


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Addr: Lot 23, Group 26, Alleys 1, Nguyen Thi Dinh, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi.
Email: ceo@bacvietluat.vn
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