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Consulting services for investment licence of Bac Viet Luat 2018

Consulting services for investment licence of Bac Viet Luat 2018

For organizations, foreign individuals that have demand of setting up wholly foreign-owned company, cooperate with Vietnam organization, individual to build up joint-venture company or

adjust investment license and so on, Bac Viet Luat will consult related contents in order to help our customers carry out their works.

Major contents in foreign investment consulting field at Bac Viet Luat Co., Ltd:

1. Consulting to set up wholly foreign-owned company

1.1. Consulting law for each type of company:

  • Consulting model and structure of enterprise;
  • Consulting method of operation and management;
  • Legal consultant on the relationship between management title;
  • Consulting rights and obligations of members/ shareholders;
  • Consulting rate and method of joining capital;
  • Consulting method of sharing benefit and handling raising obligation;
  • Consulting other related contents;
  • 1.2 Check, evaluate legality of consulting requirements and procedures of customers;
  • Based on requirements and documents that customers supply, our lawyers will analyze, assess legality, appropriateness with the requirement of work implementation.
  • In case customers want their customer to participate in negotiating, exchanging with customer's partners about setting up the company, we will assuredly manage attendance following the requirement of customers;
  • We will represent customers to translate, notarize related documents;

2. Complete documents on applying for certificate of investment;

2.1 Setting up document on investment registration

  • Consult and complete the minutes of the meeting of first established founding members;
  • Registered/ proposed documents on application for certificate of investment;
  • Establish investment project;
  • Consult business cooperation contract and joint-venture contract;
  • Authorize documents;
  • Notarize related documents;
  • Other related documents;

2.2 Building up documents on business registration:

  • Consult and draft the charter of company;
  • Draft list of members and shareholders;
  • Notarize related documents;
  • Authorize documents;
  • Other related documents;

3. Represent to carry out procedures:

  • Submit document to apply for certificate of investment;
  • Monitor handling process and inform the result of submitted document;
  • Receive a certificate of investment at the Department of Planning and Investment;
  • Submit document on registration of seal sample and contact to carve seal for the company;
  • Receive certificate of registration of seal sample and seal of company;
  • Carry out procedure on Tax code registration;

4. Commitments after establishing

  • Draft legal document for enterprise;
  • Supply legal related documents following requirement of customers;
  • Guide procedures before operating at headquarters of the company;
(Bac Viet Luat LawFirm)

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Tel: (+ 84) 938188889 – (+ 84) 1686319999)
Email: dichvu@bacvietluat.vn – lawyer.vu@bacvietluat.vn


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