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Brand name identification: design a set of brand name identification for enterprise - parcel 4

Brand name identification: design a set of brand name identification for enterprise - parcel 4

Design a set of brand name identification for enterprise: brand name identification! Brand name is like a face. It is said that: " face is not false". The confidence of customers will be a great success of enterprise in locating one's brand-name.

Stage 1- design:

  • BVl law firm designs fifteen black-white logo( or colorful), customers will choose from one sample to three samples to repair. In case customers do not choose any sample in the first design,BVL law firm will design second time, quantity is 15 logo sample( adjust the maximum five times, based on the spirit of co-operation to develop the most perfect logo).
  • Designed sample will be done within 30 days( or follows agreement of both sides)

Stage 2- tone values:

BVL law firm will adjust choose sample as wishes of customers and combine 03 colorful sample, based on the white and black sample that customers selected.

Stage 3- Complete:

3.1 Brand name standardization:

  1. Main logo
  2. The explanation of the meaning of Logo
  3. Standard ratio
  4. Standard network
  5. Standard color
  6. Black and white
  7. Color( on the different color backgrounds)
  8. Special cases when using logo
  9. The most minimum standard size allowed
  10. The layout of logo( how logo placed in the same name, address and slogan of company)
  11. Format logo to make a background;
  12. Regulations against the use( slantingness, distortion)

3.2 Brand name identification:

  1. Letter head
  2. Envelop( small, medium, large)
  3. Business card
  4. Staff card
  5. Notes
  6. Fax
  7. Press release
  8. Disk and a CD cover
  9. Certificate
  10. Banner email
  11. Combine logo, gift sample
  12. Showroom
  13. Gift container
  14. Outside hoarding
  15. Gift sample
  16. Working uniform
  17. Power point
  18. Letter of invitation, congratulation card
  19. Brochure
  20. Icon logo in the desktop

3.3. Setting up Company’s Website

    • Write the traditional song
    • Set in music
    • Hire singer
    • Record
    • Public 5 CDs

3.4.Setting up Slogan

Stage 4- the end:

After having the result about choosing color, BVL LAW FIRM will hand over customer one dossier set includes:

  • 01 Logo has color computer printing in A4 size, one logo which was zoom in, and Pantone color code.
  • 01 printing in black and white color for brand name standardizes set and 01 set of identification brand name
  • One black and white color printing set was put on caro net to explain clearly on mode ratio.
  • Save logo sample in CD. And the file will be .JPG, CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator.
  • All files about the standardize and identification the brand name will be saved in CD and be under .JPG, CorelDraw or Illustrator form.
  • Handover Website (have guarantee and support in Admin guidance)
  • Handover Slogan

(The above quotation did not include VAT)

About registration on intellectual property copyright, the customers will registered themselves or BVL LAW FIRM will register. Moreover, this is one helping, non paid service, and all procedures and process will be followed the Intellectual Property Department.

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